Coiggle poster

The 2015 remake teaser poster.

Developer:                                  Swagg Studios

Producer:                                      David M. Kenny

Designer:                                      David M. Kenny
Engine:                                             Project Spark
Platform:                                                Xbox One

Release Date:                          March 2014 (beta)

April 17, 2015 (remade)

Genre:                                    Strategy, Adventure
Modes:                                              Single Player
Distribution:                    Online via Project Spark

Coiggle is a 2014 platformer video game developed by Swagg Studios. The game was created directly on Project Spark and has a sequel made on the same engine the next year.

It is based on the game Marble Blast for iOS and Android in which you play as a marble. The official sequel to the game has been made to this game on April 18, 2015 for Xbox One.


You are a marble and you have to get through a small world where you have to find 10 coins and then head over to the checkpoint to win.

Basic controls are the Left Stick, or LS, to move, and A button to Jump. Really nothing much to the game itself.


The game dev team Swagg Studios had made a sequel to the first one called Coiggle 2, originally dubbed as Coiggle 2: The Revenge. It has new islands to explore and more coins to obtain which is about 20 coins.

The coin grabbing is harder than in the first for you are exploring different islands other than the one you first started on in the first game.

External LinksEdit

Official Project Spark Site

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